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ISAN (International Standard Audiovisual Number) is an international numbering system for audiovisual works. It provides a unique, permanent, internationally recognized reference number for each work as well as the collection of meta-data associated with each work. ISAN allows the identification of works throughout their life cycle and is independent of the various physical forms (media) in which a given work exists or is distributed.

ISAN is universal. It is based on the ISO 15706 standard, which gives it formalism and an organized structure. The advantages gained by using ISAN are universal as well. ISAN identification provides a foundation for electronic data exchange of audiovisual work information, such as films, television productions, Internet media and games. It is a key identifier for the commercial exploitation of completed works. ISAN's uses include basic archival identification, rights management, royalties management, cooperation with television program guides and measuring audience size.

As a regional ISAN Registration Agency, we can register ISANs for you! We invite you to work with us.

Latest news

February Newsletter

The February issue of the ISAN newsletter is now available. Read the newsletter here.

ISAN is setting the pace!

More interested parties have joined the global undertaking that is ISAN. In the most recent month of our extended promotional period, many of the largest Polish audiovisual producers have signed up to register ISANs, among them ATM Grupa SA , Perspektywa, Studio A, and Zebra.


New Price Guide

Our new price guide is now available (in Polish only).


Registrant Numbers Are Rising

Interest in ISAN is rising. Nearly every day new producers, distributors and other companies involved in audiovisual works sign up to be registrants and gain the ability to apply for ISAN numbers.


32nd Polish Film Festival in Gdynia

The 32nd Polish Film Festival in Gdynia was an excellent opportunity to promote ISAN. Gdynia is the largest annual event in Polish film. This year, as in years past, it drew large crowds of cinephiles, as well as many film authors, producers, and others involved in cinema. This guaranteed that our message about ISAN reached an audience composed of those most interested in ISAN. The presence of print, radio and television reporters was also helpful in increasing the already large interest in ISAN.


ISAN is mandatory for HD DVD and Blu-ray

ISAN is mandatory for the successors of the DVD: Both the Blu-ray Disc and the HD DVD are protected by the digital rights management system AACS. AACS requires an ISAN.